“Great beer and great food!”

Brad McCardle

“This was an amazing spot for my mom birthday dinner!! Our severs were fantastic!! The guy was Josh and the lady wore glasses very kind and helpful! They do great with large parties! The food was amazing and definitely go back! Great job with everything!!!”

Lauren Davidson Chambers

“We had the best time! The dining experience was nothing short of amazing. Hostess, staff & waiter were on point. It’s a must try for a wonderful dining experience! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ hands down!! Our waiter was John I believe and he was great too!”

Todd Baggett

“The food was amazing! Atmosphere was great and the weight staff were superb. We had a great evening here.”

Tonya Tomlinson Badcock

“Decided to stop by here for lunch while in town for business. The ambiance is amazing, the service is prompt, and the food is delicious. Wish we had this place in Atlanta and wish I were here long enough to try one of their drinks! 10/10 would visit again.”

Ulyana Hamilton

“Great food, drinks, and service!”

Christy Smith Tooley

“Wonderful staff and very well designed plates. Absolutely delicious!”

Stephanie Blair